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Avatar: 150886 Sat Mar 14 12:01:06 -0400 2009


Level 24 Hacker


Tip: Don’t be afraid to go fast. If she says to slow down, do it, but you have no idea how many chicks dump guys for not understanding that chicks like sex too.

As for how to distract yourself: Spend at least, at least one whole day contemplating infinity. I mean the concept of it. Imagine, for sake of example, a hunk of iron ore the size of Earth. Imagine that this is in some parallel universe, where nothing but the ore exists. Just empty space. For every amount of time that on earth would be roughly 100 million years, an atom of this ore ceases to exist (is reduced to protons, whatever makes your heart happy). By the time the ore is completely gone, infinity has just begun.

If you’re extremely smart, and that was a simple thought exercise for you, I have a second suggestion. Read the “Ringworld” series, by Larry Niven. (First book “Ringworld” ISBN: 0345020464). Very interesting series, that is effectively one long, complicated thought experiment. A roughly circular, one earth-orbit long rotating platform, propelled by attitude jets to stabilize itself, at 770 miles per second, generating .992 earth gees… 1000 mile high walls on each side, creating an atmosphere… Panels generating day-night patterns… The entire thing is very entertaining.

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