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Avatar: DOPE-HARDCORE-0's Avatar

[Team Shortbus]

Level 37 Troll

ALSO A male reproductive organSUCKING ****WAD

Greetings, and welcome to the easiest contest you’ve ever entered! It turns out that I have enough BP lying around (and gathering dust, mind you) to give three lucky contestants access to Episode Two! (That’s 21 BP divided amongst three winners!)

Now I bet you’re wondering…”DH0, how do I gain access to such a sweet and tempting prize?”


Bashy’s Repository of ****ty ThreadConstructr Submissions needs to win this weeks Forumbuildr with a score of 250 votes or more!

Oh, did I mention I’ll give away a fourth Episode Two if the score hits 375? Because I will, because I’m CRAAAAAAAAZY today!!

Now, before you go and make illegal alts to help march towards victory and BP, remember: if this wins by illegal alt votes, it will be overruled. So, when you go launching your swarm of illegal votes, make sure you vote for whatever forum is currently topping the polls that is NOT Bashy’s Repository of ****ty ThreadConstructr Submissions. It is imperative that you also post somewhere with your illegal alt informing the CZ staff that you illegally upvoted the leading competition (a poll might make things easy to get a tally going).

So, to recap, here’s how to enter for a chance to win 7BP for 3 (possibly 4) lucky contestants:

1) Make Bashy’s Repository of ****ty ThreadConstructr Submissions win with a score of 250 (375 for the bonus)

2) Eliminate the competition with illegal alts

Good luck!!!!

E1) (Minor addition to strikethrough formatting)

DOPE-HARDCORE-0 was banned for this post by Evil Trout

DOPE-HARDCORE-0 edited this message on 07/23/2009 2:25PM
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