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Avatar: 102042 Wed Jun 03 22:55:29 -0400 2009

[Board of Directors]

Level 35 Hacker


Big Brother Posted:

Hey, thought I’d contribute my Clbum Warfare plotline branch for Episode 3.

Begin for Permanoobs:


So Arnold Scwarzenheimer has decided that he hates the site HAY DID U SEE THIZ??? Apparently they’ve been spreading a nasty (actually rather humorous/stupid) meme parodying his voice. Thus, you must destroy HAY DID U ZEE THIZ??? Protesting does nothing- he’s the governor of California, ****!

New Mission:Benedict Arnie

New Bookmark:HAY DID U SEE THIZ???

Try to pwn HAY DID U SEE THIZ???

Unfortunately, due to the pain of attacking your own people, HAY DID U SEE THIZ deals an instant kill.

New ContactLog in to see images!J. Ratatat$

So it turns out that Jim Ratatat has gotten complaints over the DRM in his games (only a third of his customers had their computers explode!), particularly from the Correcter Corporation Coalition. You must pwn their website and eliminate any sign that such complaints ever existed.

New Ability:Whitewash

New Mission:Selphish Bastard

New Bookmark:Correcter Corporation Coalition.


New Item:Thesis (the most useless item in the whole game. You equip it under special items and the only stat it provides is -20 processing power and +5 ego.

New ItemLog in to see images!lame (You gain this due to looking through the CCC’s files. Flame is a meat product similar to Spam. Flame is a consumable item that deals an instant kill to any forum. Attempting to use Flame on anything but HAY DID U SEE THIZ results in being told “No, you mustn’t!” instead.)


New Item:Authentic Fatalator Arm (Under Special Items, quite powerful. Lots of PP for the hackers and some ego offense for everyone else.)

Will come back with the other clbum’s warfare missions later.

Why would you give a PP-booster to the Permanoobs? I don’t like the items, especially Flame, but the rest is good.

This sort of reminds me of rom hacking.

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