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Paraone Posted:

That is a cop out argument, because there is difference between killing and murder. The hebrew / greek version of that uses distinct words for murder, i.e. killing someone out of jealousy, anger or whatnot, whereas killing someone to defend yourself or someone else isn’t considered wrong.

But yeah I agree that scientology is wack.

Plenty of unecessary murder has been committed by christians and in the name of christianity. I’ll reply with what I’m trying to say.

however it’s certain groups in any religeon which are evil. It’s only really forceful extremists. I’m not anti christianity, but I’m anti hardline baptist, I’m not anti islam, but Islamic extremists are evil, I’m not anti scientology (well, I’m happy to live and let live) so much as against the way Co$ (and entity as opposed to a beleif system) carries it’s operations out and attacks naysayers and ex members, the way the will do illegal things to protect their interests, and like the other extremists, the way they interpret their religeons.

If I could stand against extremist sects of religeons like this without significant danger, and fruitfully. I would. As it is, all I shall do is express my opinions, as that’s about as much of a stand as I can take right now.

Less of a cop out?

Also, scientology has aged quite specifically. As it seems to think 1950s american culture was modelled on our past lives… ie we aspired to it. But now we’ve progressed and so… left the aspirations supposedly, millions of years old, behind in a couple of decades. Other religeons don’t base their central tenets on us being conditioned by past lives and so mimicking things because they are hugely significant. And then completely abandoning them. Lawl.

Of course other religeons have aged thus. But the central tenets haven’t. Christianity is still forgiveness and tolerance (AHAHAHAHA, well supposedly) for example.

narth edited this message on 03/18/2008 5:07PM
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