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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll



UPDATE: Starting this weeks round of Domination (Wednesday, Feb 4) we’re changing the following:

– Adding a countdown on the Raid page that will indicate when you are eligible to Raid again

– Changing the daily raid limit from 24 hours to 60 hours such that you will only be able to join a raid once every 60 hours (If you join a raid by mistake TS for now, so be careful)

– Remove the time limit for joining a raid, you can join at any time

– If you are booted from a raid (by an Officer) your spot will remain taken (Only 13 people EVER should be able to join a particular Raid)

– Change the Klan Domination page to display how many forums (and which forums) your raid currently pwns

– bumhole Cards now remove 10 scoops

– Klan Domination page is no longer Klan only. You can get to it from the Domination page in the footer navigation under “Vanilla Helper”

– Alts are still not allowed in a Raid. This is not a change, but apparently needs to be explicitly stated. Please refer to the enhancements thread for upcoming changes which are up for discussion.

Starting last weeks round of Domination (Wednesday, Jan 28) the following changes were made:

– Raid size will be limited to 13

– Each character can only join 1 raid per day every 60 hours

Characters can only join a raid in the first 15 minutes of its creation

– Raid admins can end the raid at any time

– Disabled alts cannot “push” forums or join raids

If you are not in the raid, you don’t contribute to the count

– If you have more then 5 characters, you must choose which 5 will participate in Domination (or the first 5 characters to earn scoops are automatically chosen)

As per usual please remember build first, balance next.

For further changes, please refer to the enhancements thread.



BINGEBOT 2015 edited this message on 02/05/2009 1:24AM
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