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“Trojan Horse Magnum”

Want to know what confused me?

OK, beginning of Ep 2, Ravit and FBO hints that 1) you were set up, and 2) you’ll find out more about it. You don’t hear much from them. I didn’t think much about it because too busy pwning for all of Shallow’s pals and finding out about the robot menace from Lonely Gunman.

When you pwn the Pentagon, you find out about Ravit’s true identity, and hints of Sentrillion’s shady activities. After something happens to the Lonely Gunman, robots hire you, and suddenly the boss thread is Ravit?

You know, someone from FBO could have told my character beforehand the Coral Springs plant never blew up, or any other information that could have helped with making better decisions. No, suddenly, you are the n00b and the bad guy.

It may have made more sense to me at least if there were hedges, red herrings, and general vagueness from Ravit. However, between the court battle and ROTM, I do not hear anything. Was the Lonely Gunman meant as a proxy for the FBO?

However, It is interesting to know that I can play Geronimo! after the end of Ep 2. There had been some files that do not seem to drop anywhere else but there..
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