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Avatar: 58842 2010-01-24 16:19:10 -0500

[The Scrotal Safety-

Level 69 Troll


Personally, I wish alignment will actually become relevant in episode 3, and with the ending to episode 2, a golden opportunity is presented right off the bat. In order to get resurrected, you do a job for Satan or Saint Peter or Richard Dawkins (neutral bumumptive) for a chance to get your life back. Of course that would be getting too far out of internet lore which is what makes Forumwarz so entertaining in the first place.

Also, the preceding plot device is copyright dobnits laboratories 2008

And while we are here.
Other things I would like to see in Episode 3

More Courtroom Drama
More Boss threads
More Clbum Warfare!
The Wrath of NetTranny
NPC Progression, seeing how your actions affected NPCs such as GooseFriedBacon, MinorityRule, and Fragingritez
Further involvement

Internet Delay Chat
Have fun playing!
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