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Avatar: Pink Dress

Level 10 Camwhore

“Leave it to Cleavage”

Ok guys, I’m not completely sure how to react to this, so I decided to show you all…

From a Mexican newspaper, La Crónica and my translation for you.


”Last Friday hundreds of young men gathered around the streets of downtown Queretaro in order to “finish” with all and every emo they could find, or so the leaders claimed.

According to the Municipal Guard and the Department of Public Security, at least one thousand youths met at Guerrero Garden, at the Plaza de Armas (in front of the Goverment Palace) in order to move together towards the city’s plaza.

Once there the aggressors (identifies with several movements such as metal, skaters and punks) started to harbum the emos, with the intention of – according to police witnesses – “taking back the public spaces that they [the emos] had stolen from them.”

The fight left 28 young men under arrest (25 of them under-age) and three wounded emos. One of them had to be protected by a woman and her daughter in order to escape being lynched.”


Original article can be found at “La Crónica” (in Spanish).

(my translation’s not perfect, but who is?)

After the attack, it was discovered that the lynching was planned through the internet, via several forums and inflammatory e-mails.

I don’t know what to think. Part of me, like the good troll I am, is ROTFLOL’ing right now. C’mon. Hitting emos? What could be funnier?

But then real life kicks in. This isn’t the internets. Sure, through the computer screen it all seems funny, but shouldn’t there be a line between that and it really happening?

A thousand people trying to lynch a bunch of emos? Wow.

Just… wrong. No matter how annoying emos can be, aren’t we supposed to live and let live? Respect thy neighbor, all that?

I mean, it’s not my problem if they decide to be ridiculous little whiners. I’m not the one who’s getting all ****ed up.

At any rate, I thought this was something you all could enjoy, or be interested to. What do you think?

I wonder, though, if there are some videos. I’ll have to search the youtubes for answers….

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