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Maximum Douc-

Avatar: 64815 Fri Nov 28 03:51:29 -0500 2008

[The Douche]

Level 35 Troll

I love speedos and speedos love me. Also, male reproductive organ.

XSS Code Posted:

Yeah, Flezz to BP not good. Buy 69 visits and pwn the final forum in EP2, and boom you have millions. HEll even not cheating, 4 runs of it can eventually get you enough quickly.

Welcome back dude…

Yeah, anyways something more endgame would be nice. Right now the only reason people go for the big 35 is to say they’re there, and because really there’s nothing else to do. Hell even a unique forum to pwn when you’re 35 would be sick. Something to waste flezz on while waiting for ep 3. Make it a e-peen 20 thread forum that has hard hits (even by troll standards) and give my 72+ defense (no upgrade points) something to worry about.

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