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Langston Jon-

Avatar: 57155 2011-07-31 00:44:38 -0400

[To Your Scattered -
Raepdogs Go

Level 35 Camwhore

We are foe.

Us Camwhores are by far the favorite clbum, you all cast down the Emos and placed us at the right hand of the father, FAIL. We have our glbumes to hide you from our cold dead stare. Strip us down and you will find only the nicest of panties to cover the beaten and worn depths of our caverns. Sadly though as you see us walk into your beds, you will see us stumble.

Evil Trout has given us no better shoes. Everything else has been upgraded but not the shoes, now we Camwhores have already more types of equipment than the Emos, and many more than the Trolls. But we need those shoes, and we need them fast, and there’s a reason why.

We are making so much ****ing money right now you, yes you the head of the game listen. We need a gold sink, and you need one in about a week. because right now people are making so much money we need some stupid **** to put it in, or else more expensive and better drugs.

Now I have my plans for the economic relapse, when the money is reverted to something less, or fixed in a way. I will buy up many expensive items and once everyone loses there money, I can sell and keep it high.

Shoes for Camwhores. Sex toys for Trolls? Music for Emos? Your choice, just get the ****ing shoes.

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