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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll


Zi Posted:

Rough Justice: bumhole, shotgun, thief have their values doubled

bumhole actually used to remove 10. My concern with this, is that it’ll strongly encourage people to hammer each other and the brackets will end up being pretty barren, I think. But I’m open to discussion.

Zi Posted:

Roulette: You can no longer target players with cards, the effects occur randomly, even with positive effects.

I think this would be a programming nightmare, plus it would be sheer chaos.

Zi Posted:

7 Card Stud: All players begin with 7 cards, two of which are hidden. Cards cannot be purchased.

I don’t like the “hidden” cards, again, harder to program. 7 Seems a little low. I’m thinking you could start with 15 random cards every day (with a card limit of 15), if you don’t use em, they are gone the next day. You cannot purchase cards. Thoughts?

Zi Posted:

Attrition: Every card played effects everyone in the bracket.

Again, pure chaos, not sure about this.

Zi Posted:

Midnight Leech: At rollover, all players lose 3 scoops randomly.

I think this could be interesting, but 3 is too low… I’m thinking it could be EITHER 16 scoops or 4 cards, again at random. Or both? Thoughts?

Zi Posted:

Brinkmanship: The card cap is removed and the cost is cut in half.

This would be like the Domination of old with people having over 100 cards.. and no scoops to use them on. I’m thinking no. In Gambit we had a card limit with cards costing 1 and all the brackets were empty.

Zi Posted:

Naked in the Breeze: All cards are visible to every player.

Might be a programming headache and would nullify the use of The Peeping Tom. I’m not sold.

Zi Posted:

Ice Cream Social: Players are allowed to give their scoops away.

This is actually a card idea (Scoop Giv’r) and there is a large potential to be exploited by alts and klannies. Might be worth trying in a theme week though.

Zi Posted:

Countdown: Scoops earned in the last 24 hours of the round don’t count

Might as well do something more interesting like “Domination ends at a random time on Wednesday”. This way people can keep playing but it’s like Hot Potato.. in fact that’s what I’d call it Log in to see images!

Zi Posted:

My ideas are getting a little bizarre so I’ll stop there.

No, you have some good ones, thanks! I’ll think about adding a couple to the OP, but let’s discuss first.


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