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Avatar: 15443 2010-04-04 18:27:25 -0400


Level 35 Troll

Sneakily vicious and filled with virtuous pit bulls.

OK, there’s now alot of outdated info in the list of forums, and people seem to be updating the tables ad-hoc, without removing old stuff. This is going to get messy unless we blank the tables now. I can do that but there’s a chance I’ll blank information that’s already being updated, or still accurate. Do we blank thread counts, base cred, and everything calculated from that, for all forums? Are the ep1 official forums still accurate in some respects (e.g. base cred)? I know (for instance) thread counts for e.g. Feces are now inaccurate.

Also, we seem to have a disagreement about whether to list ‘max’ or ‘avg’ cred for the forums, since the column headings have been reverted back without explanation. Before ep2, I recalculated and updated the table for max cred. I don’t see any reason not to just do that and put the information in the table. It’s no more ‘spoily’ than avg cred, and is a far more useful number for planning purposes, specifically for when locating grinding forums appropriate to your clbum and level. We *could* have both columns but I’d rather not bulk out the table too much.

Another disagreement about removing the ‘cred bonus’ column. IMO the information is not useful – it’s just the base cred / 5 and rounded up or down. Do we get rid of this column?

Finally, if we can remove a column, how do people feel about collating base speedrun times on the same table, where they exist?

Proposed format

Forum             Speedrun times*
Denture Chat      15 / 20 / 30
Fanfiction freaks 10 / 18 / 25

*To earn lemon scoops get under these times for 3, 2 or 1 scoop, respectively

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