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Avatar: 33233 Tue Oct 21 12:46:08 -0400 2008

[70 Character Story-

Level 69 Camwhore

“Venereal Biohazard”

- Hot Potato: Discard someone else’s card…at random

Solid approach to card destruction.

male reproductive organshot: Nullifies the next card someone tries to use (doesn’t have to be directed at you)

Might be a good card, so long as there is some kind of limit to the number of male reproductive organshots a bracket (not player, but whole bracket) can be used on a certain person per X Number of Minutes. Otherwise this will be waaaaay too abused during the last five minutes (and no one would use them any other time). Dunno. I think I’d like to see this in a theme week before we make it permanent.

Dy-no-mite!: Removes X scoops from chosen opponent, removes Y scoops from you (X = 4, Y = 2)

I like the idea of a Double-Edged Sword card but I dont like this one. Maybe X and Y need to be tweaked, but I’m not sure how.

Crouching Coward: The next offensive domination card that you play on a player will appear anonymous

Sneaky. Might not be terribly useful, but I’d love to see this in play and see how people use it. I would approve of giving this a go in a future Theme Week.

Box of Chocolates: gives X scoops, but the scoop types given are chosen at random (X = 2 or 3)

X had better be at least 3 or it’s already inferior to Modest Improvement. Actually, I would go so far as to up this to 8 Scoop Card and make X 5.

Pick your poison: If a scoop would be stolen or destroyed you can choose which flava of scoop, would be re-equip-able like Shields.

If you have a Shield you can prevent that damage outright at the same cost. It’s a cool idea but ultimately it seems like the Destroyer to the Shield’s Thief- only ideal if you cant get the other. To make this card powerful, I would recommend upping it to an 8 Scoop Cost, but make it so the card keeps on redirecting scoop theft/damage until the category it’s supposed to redirect to is entirely depleted of scoops (whether it be from attacks or using the scoops up) at which point the card is destroyed.

Scoop Giv’r!: Give X scoops to another character (X = 2 or 3) (the other character can’t be in your klan and can’t be an alt?)

There’s the potential of abuse with illegal alts, of course, but I’d like to see any competitive aspect of Forumwarz that *cant* theoretically be abused with illegal alts. Now, the problem of someone else using their alts could also be solved, but it might be tough- you could set it so that not only can you not use this on your alts or anyone in the same klan as you, but you also cant use it on the *alts* of anyone in the same klan as you. This might make the card work fine, or it might just make people shuffle around their klan status a lot. Frankly, now might be a good time to seriously consider applying a limitation to how often you can join/leave a klan per day, since it seems to come up in places. Log in to see images!

Another way to potentially fix it- only allow you to use this card on a character X number of times per day. Abuse would still happen, but it might be made negligible.

This card could be sort of deviously useful in disrupting Fibonacci Sequences. To improve it’s offensive potential it should be made unblockable by most shield-type cards (except Mirror Mirror if Scoop Giv’r is the chosen card to block, see below for explanation). Also, it shouldn’t give any notice that anything has happened (and should thus also be anonymous)... anyone watching their scoop counts closely will realize what has happened, but if they aren’t observant they’ll get screwed.

So why dont I think these tweaks would unbalance the card? (they are pretty big tweaks, I’ll admit) Because while it could have *some* offensive uses, these are negated entirely if the victim knows what is going on. They can just use the scoops up to make cards and any potential disruption is avoided… problem solved. If these changes are applied to the card idea I would rename it Secret Santa. Not to mention that this makes the card that much interesting if actually used to help out others…

If klan alt abuse is cirgreat timesvented, I’d be very interested to see what effect this would have in domination.

Card Giv’r!: Give a card another character (the other character can’t be in your klan and can’t be an alt?)

This one I dont like as much. It has all the same problems as Scoop Giv’r without as much charm. It, too, could have an offensive use (HA! Filled your hand with Switcheroos!) but only very briefly (okay i used em all up Log in to see images!)

Crazy Cooter: This card removes X scoops at random, from X random characters (X = 3 or 4)

I can see this being the Griefer Card of Choice in small brackets where said griefer has top scoops and cannot use bumhole.

Moving on to the more powerful cards…

Erection: Takes X scoops of your choosing and puts them all into one scoop flava (maybe X = 5?)

Hmm. What scully said.

Flacid: Redistribute X scoops of a chosen flava and randomly spread them out (maybe X = 5?)

I like this one more than it’s counterpart. It’s no more unbalancing than a Switcheroo, and could be quite useful.

Pbum the Buck: Redirects the next card used against you to the next user (based on total scoops)

Definitely gets my approval.

Spread the love: Remove X random scoops from each of the top 3 players (X = 2 when you have more then 4 scoops, X = 3 when you have 4 or less)

I like the fact that this is essentially the spiritual heir to the original bumhole design… only better. Log in to see images!

Peek-a-lose: Look at your opponent’s hand, force a chosen card to be discarded


Card Theif: Steal a random card from a chosen opponent

Obviously it should be made clear that it will only steal 4-scoop cards, otherwise it is hella unbalanced. Even so, I’m not sure about this one. For 8 scoops you both 1) deprive the opponent of a card and 2) get a card to use yourself. the fact that it is random does hurt its effectiveness, but it’s still a huge payout.

Of course, if the targeted opponent turns out to *have* no 4-scoop cards, it seems fair for this card to do nothing (but still be used up). ‘swhat you get for blowing off the concept of reconnaissance.

Chameleon: The next offensive domination card will appear to come from the user of your choosing

I like this, but I’m not sure it would be worth 8 scoops + cost of other card. Would this be too powerful to be a 4-scoop card?

Mirror Mirror: Sends the next attack that comes your way back at the source

Mirror Mirror would make a great idea if the cost is set to just 4 scoops AND only redirects a certain kind of card (chosen when you deploy the card). This would also make Peeping Toms more useful- they would reveal what kind of Mirror Mirror you have deployed, if any. With the sheer number of new cards there would be, forcing the user to Specialize would certainly make 4 scoops a fair price as an alternative to the Shield, which will deflect anything. I feel like this would add an especially cool strategic aspect to the card.

I also like the idea that Mirror Mirror could defend against more than attack cards (if it specifically chosen to). A Mirror Mirror (Peeping Tom) would keep your hand invisible and send you a tubmail revealing the opponent player’s hand. A Mirror Mirror (Feminine Caller) could leave an opponent defenseless. There’s tons of potential for cool stuff with Mirror Mirror, and it still works on a 4-scoop level because the odds of actually getting hit the card you predict are waaaaaay against you.

Your Name is Enigo Montoya: After this card is used, the next card used is redirected to target player (in any bracket – again may be over-powered Log in to see images!)

I think any card effect that can cross bracket lines is beyond overpowered. There’s no way to keep this from being exploited by alts. The only remotely acceptable Cross-Bracket card concept I can imagine would be an 8-scoop card that destroys one random scoop of chosen target player. With that kind of cost and such a low benefit, there’d be only a small effect on dom results, even with mbumive altsploitation… and plus, it would distract people from using their scoops in their own bracket, weakening them.

That might be an okay card concept, but that card concept has nothing to do with this one, so… yeah. Moving on.

Feminine Caller: Allows a user to disarm a shield equipped (for the next attack only – if there’s no shield equipped, the card does nothing)

I bumume that this effectively disarms ALL shields for the next attack, and not just one- otherwise you could just use an offensive card and blow the shield up for cheaper. This could be useful as an expensive tactical strike in extreme situations, but only if it also bypbumes Shield-type cards that are not actually Shields.

Card Shark: Discards up to X cards from another character and replaces them with an equal number of random cards (X = 5)

If X is changed to 2, yeah, this might be alright.

Counter Strike: The next character that uses an offensive card against you loses X scoops (X = 2)

Whether or not it works like a shield, the 2 scoops destroyed in retaliation should automatically be of the same Flava/Flavas the opponent was the opponent was trying to destroy, even if the flava/flavas were chosen randomly (if more than two flavas are being targeted with one attack, such as with an bumhole, two of the targeted flavas are picked at random). Maybe you intended it that way to begin with, but if not, this would make it extra cool. Attacking notoriously weak Flavas like Antifreeze or Chocolate could become extra dangerous. Log in to see images! Anything that forces dom players to strategize and think through their moves more is good in my book.

Personally I do think it should also work as a Shield, but I’m not sure. Maybe if it only Shielded you for half of the scoop damage (or scoop loss, in the case of stealing cards)?

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