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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll


scullyangel Posted:

The individual Fav Flava option would be an easy instant fix for the low medal count, and it would be pretty difficult to pull multiple Fav Flavas. I like this idea. Not a fan of the punching bag one.

Overall, we used to have a total possibility of 15 winners (20 medals) per bracket each week. We are now sitting on 3 winners (4 medals.) Looking at it head on it seems like a good idea, but in practice it isn’t. It’s been interesting, but has to be crazily discouraging for the newbie brackets where only 3 out of 60+ players have a shot. If alts of experienced players get tossed into the mix it could easily take months for a player who is trying to get a single medal. Honestly, that is going to make people quit playing. In the upper brackets it’s become a sort of punishment for playing aggressively. Knowing they were very unlikely to pick up a medal pushed a lot of players into a “why bother” mode where they are simply waiting until they fall far enough that they can easily grab 3 or 4 medals. Not competing shouldn’t be a viable strategy.

I’m going to use Ricket as an example because he’s hot and a good Domination player. Since the medal reduction Ricket has earned a total of 6 medals. 3 of them were pretty solidly klan vanilla medals, the other 3 he had to work his freaking bum off for. In this same time period several normally top bracket players have simply stopped bothering. It has steadily pushed them further and further down the bracket chain. Now if for some reason Ricket, who has never left the top bracket this season, gets shut out of medals these last two weeks, while the players who have slipped off into cakewalk brackets sweep next week? The inactive players will be able to grab 8 medals simply because they didn’t bother doing anything during the past 11 weeks. It will actually have been a better strategy to not play than to play.

Obviously not medaling week after week needs to push a player down the brackets, it would be horrible for a new player to be forever stuck in the top bracket because they had one good week. That mechanic is completely necessary. Well, the only thing that can shift the penalty for playing is to either increase the number of available medals or reintroduce ties on some level.

If I could choose?

– I would like to see a situation where there are 9 – 12 possible medal winners per week in each bracket, with certain medals absolutely not working together to prevent a player from “sweeping” their bracket.

– Add the proposed medal options for – Most Scoops Destroyed, Total scoops ends on a target number, The Fibonacci Sequence, Highest total without any cards. This brings us to 7 unique medals.

– Add the additional Fav Flavas or allow 2 or 3 player ties for the Target Number and Fibonacci.

– All medals are equal – in other words eliminate the double medal for mins. (I know this was initially a reward for being able to earn scoops in all areas of the game, but it is now a reward for having a couple of Switcharoos.)

– Eliminate the end of season double medal week for future seasons. It’s cool, but it is also tossing a lot of bonus medals to players who haven’t bothered to play.

Agreed on most of these points. I think that 10-12 medals per bracket is a good number to aim for. And making people discouraged and quit.. or not participate for X weeks in order to get more scoops is very bad. Ideally I’d like the medals to spread in such a way that it would be impossible (or virtually impossible) to get all of them in one week.

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