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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll



This is the official Card thread. I will keep an updated list of all the suggested Cards (that are being considered). Some of these came out of previous discussions. Check out the current cards!

Crouching Coward: The next offensive domination card that you play on a player will appear anonymous

Box of Chocolates: gives X scoops, but the scoop types given are chosen at random (X = 3)

Crazy Cooter: This card removes X scoops at random, from X random characters (X = 3 or 4)

male reproductive organshot: Nullifies the next card used in your bracket

Personal bumistant – By playing this card you can see how many visits an opponent has left

We’re also considering a higher cost set of cards, perhaps 8 or 10 scoops?

Erection: Takes X scoops of your choosing and puts them all into one scoop flava (maybe X = 5?)

Flacid: Redistribute X scoops of a chosen flava and randomly spread them out (maybe X = 5?)

Spread the love: Remove X random scoops from each of the top 3 players (X = 2 when you have more then 4 scoops, X = 3 when you have 4 or less)

Self-Destructor: Look at your opponent’s hand, force a chosen card to be discarded

Card Thief: Steal a random card from a chosen opponent

Chameleon: The next offensive domination card will appear to come from the user of your choosing

Feminine Caller: Allows a user to disarm a shield equipped (for the next attack only – if there’s no shield equipped, the card does nothing)

Card Shark: Discards up to X cards from another character and replaces them with an equal number of random cards (X = 3)

Counter Strike: The next character that uses an offensive card against you loses X scoops (X = 2, can be auto-equipped)

Mirror Mirror: Sends the next attack that comes your way back at the source

Pbum the Buck: Redirects the next card used against you to target user

And discuss.

I will update this post as suggestions are considered.



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