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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll



This is the official Theme thread. I will keep an updated list of all the suggested Themes (that are being considered). Some of these came out of previous discussions.

Scoop based

King of the Hill: The first person to hit 100 scoops gets the flag, the next person to use Destroyer, Thief, Shotgun or bumhole on the person with the flag gets it. Repeat. If you have the flag at the end of the every hour or day or round you get 100 random scoops.

Cracker Jacks: Every time you earn a scoop of a designated flava you get a random second scoop

Multiplicity: Every time you earn a scoop of a specific flava that week, you get two

Darwin Week: No vanilla scoops can be earned, no cards.

You can’t see me: All “card totals” are hidden. No peekaboos.

Lemon Party: Every time you earn a lemon scoop, earn 3.

Communism: Everyone starts the week with 100 scoops.

Salary: Job Points are worth scoops.

Compensating: For every X scoops you earn, you get a free scoop in your weakest category.

Card based

Inflation’s a ****: Cards cost 5 scoops instead of four.

Fire Sale: Cards cost 3 scoops instead of four (but when you buy, you can only pick from two).

There’s no going back: When you purchase a card you are only given 1 choice (instead of 3).

Mbumive mutiny: All cards are annonymous, surprise your friends, amuse your enemies!

Rollover based

Expired Coupons: After buying a card, you only have until the rollover to use it. All cards disappear every day at rollover.

King Unmaker: Every night during rollover, the character with the most scoops looses half their scoops at random.

Interest: You gain 5% more scoops every night at rollover.

Klan based

Raiders of the Lost forums. Klans are only awarded vanilla for pwning 24 forums simultaneously (instead of the normal 12).

Medal based

Pentathlon: No switcheroos, no MIs, min scoops gives two medals.

And discuss.

I will update this post as suggestions are considered.

What’s a theme you ask? That’s what!



BINGEBOT 2015 edited this message on 03/12/2009 10:13AM
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