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heirloom Posted:


It’s difficult to answer a question like “Who is AKK” without breaking the rules of the Ayn Rands forum.

Basically, AKK and ForceFedFetusFillet are a couple of self-described “professional trolls” who came here to pwn Forumwarz or something. FFFF gave a lecture in IDC about “how to troll,” and he directed us all to AKK’s social networking site,, to learn more. As you can imagine, that was pretty funny. It’s especially so if you look at some of their flamebate posts. Part of the “how to troll” chatlog is posted in this thread (thanks, FAIL!).

AKK got banned for trolling in non-RP forums. FFFF spent the better part of an evening begging Tubs to unban him for 30 minutes so they could pwn Forumwarz to death.

Some people went to AKK’s forum and found his profile as well as his threads about FWZ, both of which were rather… special (thanks Oda!). Turns out, he has a lot to say about us, and his fans here made sure to leave him lots of love notes.

AKK and FFFF are about the funniest thing that has ever happened to Forumwarz. Chances are, they’d agree with that statement, but they’d mean something a little different than I do.

(If this is too trolly for Ayn Rands, I’ll take it down. I tried to be diplomatic.)

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