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Avatar: 12797 2015-07-20 16:59:13 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Camwhore

I really do talk ****!

With Episode 2 drawing near, how about a nostalgic trek through Episode 1?

Do you remember . . .

– Day one?

– When E-peen were called Exploits?

– The introduction of the Official Forumwarz Blog?

– The Emo rebalancing?

– A time before Haxlrose?

– The introduction of Forumbuildr?

– The introduction of Domination?

– When klans didn’t have private forums?

– The Team Orange Jackal epic battle the first week that 5 way ties were introduced?

– When there was no way to turn off sigs?


– n00b65 (now MC Banhammer) becoming a moderator?

– Wishing Evil Trout (and male reproductive organ Hyman) a happy birthday?

– The Gambling Addict E-peen getting retired?

– The discovery of klan vanilla, 3 scoops per pwn, the month long klan warfare between Sisterhood of the Quivering Rose and Flamers of Loathing and the beginning of “OMG, klan vanilla is teh brokz0r!!111!”?

– A time when characters with cheater enhancements could top the leaderboards? (That was fixed pretty damn quick!)

– Renaming The Other Other Hole . . . BINGEBOT 2015?

– Escher and the mechanics whores bringing together the spaders to work out how attributes and upgrades really worked, and posting their information for everyone to use?

– People really roleplaying camwhores and emos?

– The introduction of the “name change” option for Brownie Points – on April Fools Day of all days?

– The introduction of renaming Domination teams, followed quickly by the implemetation of kittijenn’s suggestion of a link to your past Dom team?

– Escher’s alter ego Sux2BU becoming the new mod?

– The restructuring of Flamebate?

– The rise of the hardcore re-res?

– The introduction of IRC?

– The haxpoitationeers breaking IRC?

– The change to the way the Popularity and Flamebate leaderboards worked to help prevent scripted spammy crap? (And how the peen obsessed just went about it the hard way then?)

– The Domination card bug for unlimited cards?

– Uncapped anti-freeze scoops making klan vanilla seem tame?

– MySpaceTom and PANTS getting people to ditch/disband their klans?

– The introduction of INCIT?

– The haxpolitationeers breaking INCIT? (I detect a pattern here…Log in to see images!)

– Pluvius becoming the first known non-cheat troll with the Defaced Mona Lisa?

– The addition of the E-peen counter next to player names and the wave of E-peen whores it dragged out of the closet?

– The release of The Great Firewall of China – the hardest forum ever that made people insane until the release of Faux News – the invisible forum that was over twice as mean?

– The charisma rebalance that led to better deliveries?

– The illegal alt turn in amnesty?

– The nerfing of “streaking”?

– The announcement that Episode 2 would be out in October?

– The start of beta testing for Episode 2?

What? You don’t remember those things? Well then, welcome aboard newbie. Log in to see images!

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