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Avatar: 14557 2011-10-31 11:07:55 -0400


Level 69 Troll

:ronpaul: :****ing sucks:


Finally back from a long 8 hour flight from Brazil. It was so tiring, but still nothing compared to the battle we had in Rio de Janeiro.

Me, enire and tubs planned to meet there at Fran’s place, to have some fun. At least that was what we expected. Probably I was the one who had the longest flight – all the way from the other side of the world. But I bet I was the most excited too, having a nice vibration with a fat Brazilian chick, what a mysterious imagination!

Rio de Janeiro welcomed me on a nice Saturday morning. The sky was so blue, and the sun was shining brighter than ever. All gave me the feeling that this trip would give me the greatest memories one can have in his life.

Fran’s house was kinda near the airport, so I decided to warm up for the great battle with a quick marathon to the destination. It only took about five minutes to get to her house, and I was all fired up.

In front of my eyes was a beautiful little house, painted in blue. A sign on the mailbox said, “Francesca de Lima”, which was probably her real name. The door was made of oak, still bearing the fresh-cut smell. It was decorated with various weird patterns, but a fun smiley instantly caught my eyes – the infamous smiley with a headset. This was definitely her house!

I pressed the doorbell. “Who’s that?”, a voice came from the second floor. “It’s me, quangntenemy from Forumwarz” – “One sec, honey Log in to see images!”. Sound of footsteps rushing towards the door. And it popped open.

Standing right in front of my eyes was a pretty girl, still in a satin sleeping dress. She was tall, well, taller than the average girls I always see. And of course, she was a bit fat too. But hey, she wasn’t as fat as I and you guys always imagined. At her height, with some little extra fat, she was still pretty, I think. The girl of my dreams.

“Nice to meet you, quang, you look brighter and smarter than I think”... “As a troll, I mean Log in to see images!” – damn, just when I thought she’d fall for me. “Come on in, I’ll show you around”.

The house was surprisingly bigger than how it looked like from the outside. The dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and an empty room on the first floor. Everything was in a complete mess, but it didn’t bother me much. There was a garden in the back, which looked completely neglected. Good thing the basement was filled with hundreds of bottles of wine, she must have a good taste for alcohol.

“What would you like to drink, honey? Log in to see images!

We sat there drinking and talking about every stuff you can think of – Forumwarz, then her work as a computer artist, then computers in general, hobbies,... just about everything, for like half an hour. But there was still no sign of enire and tubs. “Let’s go on ahead then, come upstair to my room!”

Unlike other rooms in the house that were completely messy, her room really had been taken care of. Things were put back to their original places. The dust bin had been emptied. The floor looked thoroughly cleaned of vacuum. Everything on the bed looked freshly washed. The room smelt of flowers. And even the computer on her table was really clean of dust.

She wanted to show me some of her recent artworks, but the alcohol really got into our head. I started to kiss her, and pushed her onto the bed. Her big breasts popped out as I stripped off her clothes. She really had a nice body, and her mammary glands must have been C-cup. I shoved it into her woman's genitals. She moaned in excitement. “It must have been her first time”, I thought as I saw her thing started bleeding.

We did it pbumionately in various ways – from the front, from the back, upside down, and even doggy style. And just when I was about to put it into her mouth, the doorbell rang. I looked down the window. Two guys were waiting there. Must have been enire and tubs.

“Yo, Fran! And you must be quangntenemy! Damn you little bastard sneaking up on us while we were here waiting for you!” – “You guys suck! Hurry!”. We started the foursome, with enire on the front, tubs on the back, and me putting it into her mouth. It was fantastic!

“Ring, ring!”. The doorbell suddenly rang again. Damn it! Who else could be coming? enire and tubs confirmed that they didn’t invite anyone else, and we continued the threesome, with tubs being the unlucky guy who had to come down and see who was around.


What happened next was a total nightmare to me. We suddenly found outselves outnumbered by fat chicks. Three girls grabbed tubs to the room next door, two grabbed enire to another room, and I found myself pushed back to the bed by Fran and another fat girl she invited, although I can admit that she wasn’t as fat as the others. And we were tired to hell.

I finally came to consciousness as I smelt the nice flavour of the food that the girls made. Kinda tasty but I was so scared to try. I brought enire and tubs back to life and we hastily sneaked out of the house. The day had turned into night by then. We took an early flight back, not daring to see any fat Brazilian chick ever again in our life.

And now finally I’m here, back to where it all began. Exhausted and terrified by the things that happened yesterday. In a faraway land. Totally in need of a sweet dream.

Let’s hope that tomorrow, when I wake up, life will be beautiful again Log in to see images!

Update: Part 2:

quangntenemy edited this message on 09/02/2008 11:19AM

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 Buying a lot of zomg im so fat.xpeg – 500 each 

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