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The Random O-

Avatar: 1876 Fri Dec 19 13:59:05 -0500 2008

[Nexus Warriors]

Level 24 Troll

“Dick in a Box”

>_> <_< Well, if no one will say it, I will.

YAY NEW FORUM! PARANOID PANORAMA! Well, I mean… panarama. Will this be fixed? Does it need to?

Anywhoo, I think that for this one we’ll need @agency (CIA, FBI, NSA, FDA), @aliens (reptillians, greys, pod people, Martians), @top_secret_site (Area 51, Roswell, the Pentagon, an unmarked warehouse in South Jersey) @secret_society (Illuminati, Freemasons, Majestic-12), and @conspiracy (the Kennedy bumbumination, the 9/11 attacks, etc).

On the topic you guys were discussing, I did notice that the grades seemed to have been overall lower this time. Although it seems to be more due to abstence then due to downvoting. Perhaps now that the forumbuildr has been around for a few weeks some people have lost interest in it.

One last thing… could there be a summary screen for the previous week’s forum if any of your entries were accepted? Kind of like how you can see how your submissions are doing during the week? I think it’d be nice to see which of your submissions made it, which didn’t, and how closely.

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