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MidnightVoyager Posted:

...Yeeah, I was playing until Duddly came in. Now, I’ve just stopped and conceded it as lost time.

now is the time to get tons of antifreeze, buy bumhole cards, and pile on him. probably two people doing this would get dudley down to a level where everyone else is competing. It does not work for him in the long term if one other person is using his strategy, but pouring tons of scoops into cards.

I honestly don’t think this needs fixing (because it seems to me that domination is not a game of high scores, but of skating just below a pack of people who are busy ****ing each other with cards and bursting out on the last day- donkers is making himself a giant target for a lot of people who dislike him now) but if I was gonna fix it I’d make it so that you only got 80 or so scoop-eligible turns of gambling per day. Maybe you get a message like “you feel extra tension when you make this bet because you know your rep is on the line.”

HAIL SATIN edited this message on 01/20/2008 11:57AM
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