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Kelp Plankton Posted:

The domination game sounds really really confusing. But is likely one of those things that needs to be experienced rather than explained.

I like the collaborative forum-building idea though. That sounds like a lot of fun.

I’ll try to explain the way I understand it and Trout can correct me if I’m wrong.

There are a couple of flavours to the points, each of which are bumociated with different activities. For instance, yellow with misc, blue with klan, red with personal forum pwnage. Each flavour also has certain achievements, which are the things that earn you the points. 10 red points to the person who dominates all the forums, for instance, while contribution to the Spoilerpedia gives you 1 yellow point per significant contribution.

At the end of the week, the player with the most points in most categories would win. If I have 30 red points but 0 points in blue and red, I probably wouldn’t win because I only lead in one category; however, the guy with 10 points of each flavour will take the prize since he is leading in two categories.


Trout, am I right in bumuming this is personal domination as opposed to klan domination? As in klan would only be one flavour of category, the rest being personal? Also, are the forums going to be personal (i.e. every one/every klan gets one) or a communal forum (i.e. a single “Flamebate” forum)?

eponymous_ennui edited this message on 12/08/2007 1:52PM
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