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It’s come to our attention that currently there is no klan that’s dedicated to helping out new players. There are, of course, individuals who certainly do what they can to aid n00bs, but no group that makes a concerted effort to do so. In an attempt to address this issue, ForumWarz Guides has been founded. FG is not going to be active in Domination; the members (all two of us so far, at least) are not out for any sort of ePeen; it’s not even RP-based. It is meant to be a klan for those who want to help give new players a chance at understanding the forums, INCIT, IDC, and Domination, and who are knowledgeable enough about those areas to contribute.

As a result, we’re not looking for a ton of folks to join; instead, we’re looking for those who would like to help people out. Obviously, the majority of people here may not view this as a fit for them, particularly given our stated intention to avoid Domination and the like; however, if you’ve got an alt that you’d like to dedicate to this purpose, and if you have information that you think would help a new player out, please let us know. We’ll plan on making a number of posts over time with information that we think is relevant to new players.

ETA: Oh, yeah, here’s the klan:

ETA again: Also, new players are welcome to join this klan — our klan forums will be a nice safe place to ask whatever stupid question you want to ask that you didn’t want to ask publicly because you were afraid shame would be heaped upon your head. Seriously (not SRSLY), you can join up, ask whatever, get whatever knowledge you need, and leave to go to another klan, and I promise we won’t mind. We’re just here to make your learning process a little bit easier. Most of our threads and information will probably be posted in klan forums, so keep that in mind. Log in to see images! N00balie edited this message on 05/23/2008 7:52PM

I’m a ForumWarz Guide! Need help? Check us out!

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