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Genesis Posted:

have fun not winning medals then

I have to give you credit. At least you don’t pretend that you’re not a pretentious ****. You wholeheartedly believe that only people who take the time to raid should earn scoops. However, people who take the same amount of time to gamble should not earn scoops.

scullyangel Posted:

just tonight we had a group of 7 players and alts manage 52 scoops.

52 scoops. In one night, with two nights worth of visits. That’s actually really good.

And don’t give that **** about coordination. I’ve coordinated vanilla runs, and it’s not complicated. By all means it deserves a reward, but that reward shouldn’t be so damn high. Like Genesis is so proudly trumpeting, if you want to win domination, join a raiding klan. If that’s the direction that CZ wants domination to play out in, then it’s their choice. I might disagree, but it’s still their choice.

Goth_Jesus edited this message on 05/21/2008 8:01PM
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