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Goth_Jesus Posted:

Vanilla scoops should give an advantage. If people are willing to raid, then let them be rewarded for it. But when that reward involves doubling or tripling the amount of scoops earned by five players in the same bracket?

I don’t see what’s wrong with doubling or tripling a klan’s scoops as a reward for the amount of time, effort, and most importantly coordination amongst a group of people to pull off a decent raid. Arktor, are you getting bored over there in your one man klan?

You seem to be forgetting Antifreeze was capped because of the potential infinite number of scoops a person could get through gambling. The only soft restriction placed on it was the amount of time the person would be willing to spend gambling.

In comparison Vanilla has a pretty hard restriction in that scoops earned is still limited to the klan raid’s visits remaining, not to mention the other restricting factors of even trying to get players from around the world on at the same time to pull off the raid.

Winning medals isn’t that hard people, as long as you’re around when domination ends (which I currently see as the only restriction that’s not completely fair). Players can get at least 30 cards per dom round on lemons/pistachios alone if they’re really determined to win some medals. And again, all it takes is to be around when dom ends to sneak in some modests for fave flava or min scoops. If all this is too much effort for some people, then cry more please because the rest of us really care. really.

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