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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll


DrScience Posted:

11a. Sale: Cards cost 3 scoops instead of four.

11b. Inflation: Cards cost 5 scoops instead of four.

12. Offensive/Defensive/Other Same Scoop Deal: If all four scoops used to purchase a card are the same type, the chances of getting a certain type of card (the type of card, of course, depends on whether the rule is offensive, defensive, or other) increases.

13. Tiekeeper: If an offensive card is used against somebody in a first place tie, all people in the same tie get hit with the effect. With a thief card, only the targeted scoop is stolen, and in the event that a scoop type is targeted that somebody in the tie doesn’t have, the scoop(s) destroyed are chosen at random. This effect is completely ignored if a person in the tie hits another.

14. A Modest Trade-Off: Modest Improvements give 3 scoops, but the scoops given are chosen at random.

15. Taxes: Each “rollover” 4 scoops, chosen at random, are taken from all the players.

Again, also many great ideas. Good stuff people!

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