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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll


scullyangel Posted:

I think something to keep in mind is that with an increased variety of cards available the impact won’t be as noticeable unless they have epic effects. The odds of getting any particular card will be reduced. It might even be a good idea somewhere down the line, if the number of Domination card possibilities increases significantly, to reduce the cost of cards to 3 scoops.

I love a lot of the cards in this thread, and a lot from the Dom Card Suggestions thread. I wouldn’t mind seeing anything come into play as long as it doesn’t eliminate possibilities.

I’m a fan of chaos play, and happen to have more fun hitting people with The bumhole than I do winning a medal, but I’m also aware that when players feel like there is nothing they can do, they stop playing. Regardless of how much fun it could be, I wouldn’t want game stopping cards to be available.

Too powerful as a Domination card: “I like iced cream: No cards for a given week”. This card would create instant team ups gunning for the card on day one locking out every person as they joined the pod. Someone locked out couldn’t Shield, couldn’t wage a counterstrike. Seems like a bad plan as a Domination card choice.

Actually, are these Dom card suggestions or mbum effects? As mbum effect these would be fantastic!

Most of these seem very long term for a Domination card effect. They would be completely freaking awesome as a wild card situation for entire pods. In other words, as soon as a pod spawns an effect is randomly chosen and impacts the entire round for that pod. I think this would really shake some people up. Card whores trapped in a pod that doesn’t allow cards? This could be huge fun and would also really discourage players from trying to wait to join pods.

I like the idea of increasing the number of scoops available on the board, whether through Dom cards or alternate avenues. I also think a little love could be given to some of the chaos based/destruction based ideas people have put out there. After all if all you really need to do is get lucky by drawing several Shields early on, it’s not much of a challenge. I know that players generally dislike attack cards, of course they dislike them, but without a decent balance of improvement and attack, strategy pretty much doesn’t matter.

Regardless, if any one card was introduced, damn I’d really love to see the one that lets you do something to someone in a different pod. Log in to see images!

Sorry if I wasn’t clear.. everything in this thread is meant as a theme for the entire week. Think of it like every 4 weeks we’d have a theme week.

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