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I’m of the opinion that AF scoops are far too plentiful. It’s true, you do need luck, you do need time, but they are still much easier to exploit than any other type. I don’t think a major nerf is in order, but just something to stem the tide of gambler-dominated pods. Without klans trying damn hard to tie every week, I guarantee that a heavy gambler would be at the front of all major pods.

I don’t think increasing the number of winning bets needed to get a scoop is the answer. It increases AF’s favor of people with too much time on their hands, while everyone else doesn’t have a game that’s really worth it.

With the current rules on GambleBot, I’m confident the house edge is under 1%, and somewhat confident it’s between 0.6% and 0.8%. Basically, you can keep going a LONG time if you have a big enough bank, at least enough for a few hundred scoops.

So, how do you fix it? There are a couple things you can do.

One: Increase the house edge.

-Add decks. It’s quick to do, and upping to 2 decks would make a major difference.

-Have GB hit on soft 17s (17 with an ace at 11). Once again, an easy change that majorly impacts odds.

There are other things you could do to change the house edge, but I think one or both of those would have the necessary impact.

Two: Change the role of Anti-Freeze

AF scoops are supposedly for doing something dangerous. Right now, you get them for doing something safe — playing the best strategy you can in Blackjack. Instead of a time-wasting reward, make them a Flezz-wasting reward. Give someone a scoop every time (or every two times) they double down in Blackjack, as well as every time they bet 1000  in Guess My Number. If you need some quick scoops for Domination, you can spend a few grand for them. You’ll still be able to grind out scoops in Blackjack, but at a slower rate.

I hope people will give my ideas some consideration, especially Crotch Zombie. I think the second suggestion especially could improve Domination while still allowing AF to play an important role and stopping people from building up ridiculous banks like they have been.

Sancdar edited this message on 04/21/2008 6:23AM
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