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Marcos El Ma-

Avatar: Marcos El Malo's Avatar

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

WetSocket Posted:

Please discuss the topic at hand, if you have a problem with what I said take it to TM, as it stands your discussion has not mentioned AF scoops at all. I’m all for the trolling and RP trolling, but if you read the title this is a very serious discussion. It says it twice see, seriously.

Look, ****. I’m reading this thread to learn. I see you either MISTAKENLY attack a dissenting opinion or do it on purpose due to intellectual dishonesty. I bumume the former, and kindly point it out SO YOU CAN DISCUSS THE FRIGGING TOPIC WITHOUT GETTING LOST IN A MISUNDERSTANDING.

You’re the one turning this into a RP exercise, not me. If you want to get back to the discussion instead of being a ****ing baby, go ahead. Nothing would make me happier. I’m reading this thread to LEARN.

Carry on.

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