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Filthy bumis-

Avatar: Schoolgirl Uniform

Level 10 Camwhore

“Leave it to Cleavage”

Evil Trout Posted:

Okay I looked into it. That graphic is a little misleading. The eyebrow piercing is only 15FL (before store adjustments)

The cost to fix items is relative to the initial cost of the item and how damaged it is. Upkeep refers to how quickly it is damaged.

The gothic script tattoo much more expensive, but it is hardly damaged hence only 1FL to fix.

Tattoos and Piercings have an advantage over camwhore items in that they break far less quickly. Looking at the numbers in there now. I think the disparity is too large.

So effective immediately all camwhore items break much more slowly (2-3 times depending on the item). Also, I’ve sent out 500FL to each camwhore account from Shallow as a bonus for your troubles Log in to see images!

Yeah, but I upgraded to an bumcrack Piercing which is about the same price and it still doesn’t break nearly as fast. Plus, it seems Camwhore items are more expensive for less bonus in general. I’ve yet to try Troll, though, so I’m just speaking from Emofabulous person and Camwhore experience.

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