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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll


This thread’s been going for a while so we thought that we’d post our tentative list.

This is by no means final, just a ROUGH list of cards (and direction) that we’re seriously considering when we have the time.

Please feel free to comment, use the direction we’re going and add to it.

Keep in mind balance, very important.

Regular Cards (cost may be adjusted)

Pick your poison: The type of the next X scoops that would be stolen/destroyed is chosen (Ex: The next 5 scoops stolen/destroyed will be Vanilla – bumuming I have 5 vanilla)

Card Shark: Discard someone’s card at random (can’t steal someone’s last card)

Every kid loves ice cream: Give X scoops to another player (Ex: Give 5 chosen scoops to some user)

Joker: Give X user a card of your choosing

male reproductive organshot: Nullifies the next card X user tries to use (doesn’t have to be directed at you)

Crouching Coward: The next offensive card that you play on a player will appear anonymous

Dy-no-mite!: Removes X scoops from chosen opponent, removes X – Y scoops from you (Ex: Remove 5 scoops from someone, lose 2 yourself)

Slipstream: If you have less than 4 scoops get 10 random scoops

Uber Cards (cost to be defined)

Erection: Takes X scoops of your choosing and puts them all into one scoop type (Ex: 5 chosen scoops all become Chocolate Scoops)

Demolition: Redistribute X scoops of one type and then get evenly distributed (Ex: 5 Chocolate scoops become 1 of each other colour)

Pbum the Buck: Protects you from the next card, hits the user ahead (or behind) in the standings – of whatever medal group your choose (Ex: The next card will hit the player AHEAD of me in the MIN SCOOPS race – you’d choose the variables)

Spread the love: When you have less than 4 scoops, remove X random scoops from each of the top 3 players (Similar to bumhole, but spreads the love)

Peek-a-boo-boo: Look at your opponent’s hand, force a card to be discard (of your choosing perhaps)

Chameleon: The next offensive domination card will appear to come from the user of your choosing

Mirror Mirror: Sends the next attack back at the source

Dirty Bomb: After this card is used, the next card you use effects target player (in any bracket in all domination groups)

Thoughts/comments appreciated.

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