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Boobs [NSFW or whatever means that there is potentially naked people] help i need help i mean if you are too busy to help right now i could wait till later but if you are really really busy its okay i can ask someone else contest thing

Mister Pugs

Avatar: 218412 2010-01-02 02:22:05 -0500

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 54 Emo Kid

I love everyone ITT


Things aren’t going too awesome with the ladies, and I don’t want to try to get with any right now because idk all the girls on base are ugly or ****s or lesbians and I don’t feel like going out to the city because its all ghetto and everything

So I decided to watch porn.

MY PROBLEM IS… nothing gets me in the mood as much as I would hope. I’ve tried it all, skinny, sorta chubby but big boobies make them seem less thick, asian, white, blond, redhead, EVEN WATCHED ONE WITH A black GIRL.. Not much helps! Sorta skinny (but not stick-status), bespectacled, small to idk C cup mammary glands redheads are the best so far.

Anyway, giving a BP to each video link helps me out with this little problem. 5 BPs to spend, so 5 winning entries. Contest ends when I give out my 5 BP

You could try posting stuff like gay porn and stuff as a joke but I don’t think it would win. Well I never watched gay porn.. BUT please stick to having females in the videos? Also the lesbian stuff so far hasn’t been much help. Oh yeah, and trolling allowed because you all are at your best when you can post however you want!


Avatar: 35643 2015-02-20 21:59:22 -0500

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 62 Emo Kid

Hi, I'm an adult whos into bumes. But not boners!

how do you feel about male reproductive organgirls.

Mister Pugs

Avatar: 218412 2010-01-02 02:22:05 -0500

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 54 Emo Kid

I love everyone ITT

Those animated things don’t work out either Log in to see images!


Avatar: 135742 2011-10-31 19:55:54 -0400

[love is a dog from-

Level 35 Camwhore

Forumwarz' Pretend Homosexual

Sexy Sperm Tiger


Avatar: 78885 2011-11-01 01:20:41 -0400

[Cabal Gamez]

Level 69 Hacker

Richard Whittington


Maybe some clbumy softcore will help.

Or some post coital cleaning?

Perhaps some punk tattooed teens will help.

This striptease has a special place in my… pants?

Who knows, maybe you’re more in the mood for some good old hentai.

Maybe even some weird alien sex!

There is of course the final crazy solution of hanging out at some completely unsexy place until you blueball yourself enough to actually be in the mood. Never hurts to lay off of it for a bit Log in to see images!

Chuck Diesel

Avatar: 220714 2013-05-25 22:35:57 -0400


Level 69 Troll



Avatar: 58104 2015-06-13 23:16:37 -0400

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 48 Camwhore

Celerysteve is better than me in everyway imaginable

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