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Fix It Charisma nerfed

MC Banhammer

Avatar: 1887 2011-07-31 00:40:59 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Troll

Trying to create drama to drum up the ratings by any means necessary!

Was sniping also nerfed?

And yeah, I guess it’s okay to **** about this, but then again Ricket’s held the most forums pwned for so long that I don’t really see this as any different. Just another one which is impossible to get Log in to see images!


Avatar: 78885 2011-11-01 01:20:41 -0400

[Cabal Gamez]

Level 69 Hacker

Richard Whittington

mterek Posted:

I mean, I’ve never noticed Charisma affected fans because I always lost the same number of fans every day, regardless of whether I was using Rollover gear or not. My max Charisma is 131, well below the former 200+ threshold.

I’ve always wondered how Jimmy teh Re-Re could get two million fans as a Re-Re without hemorrhaging as badly as I do, since last I checked he was doing the same thing I was – pwning one forum over and over for months on end. Yada Dada and Beta Romeo are Dom-active, so they’ve never had to deal with a cap like I have. But if 200+ Charisma was the threshold that would explain everything.

Also, even if Charisma for Camwhores is nerfed, if you guys still boost it higher you should be able to mitigate the loss better than other clbumes, no?

You must have checked a while ago as I was only grinding one forum for a bit to get a few specific files to boost him and get as much Charisma for between streaks. Right now He’ll start to lose a lot since I got to a 180 Streak and have to restart it.

I have a crazy dream of topping the Leaderboards with a Re-re but the repeating Pistachio and no Fan limit really hurt that Log in to see images! And as far as my main topping it, I hope to top it to spitefully keep JayZ away from the top of yet another Leaderboard. Should still be possible for other people to get them if they time their streak right and have top equipment. There’s bound to be an upper limit achievable by each clbum.

Edit: I probably removed shock or something, probably best to ban me just in case?

Dunatis edited this message on 07/09/2010 3:22PM

whouy would anyone nerdf chirstmas? its htebesttime of yht eyar.

lost_papi_212 was banned for this post by Nicco

Joe Torpedo

Avatar: Red Green Flashing

Level 69 Troll

“Human Yeast Infection”

Just to kinda preempt the whole thing regarding sniping: you guys have AB and the diminishing returns to a big fat 0 after 4 same person defeats per day – so just take it on the chin if it does happen. Rezzing’s reduced to 5 AP now anyway so really it’s more than fair on the receiver in my opinion. Not that I’m trying to say that people shouldn’t be allowed to post any grievances they may have, but try and be adult about this if you can.

As for Charisma, well. I can vouch that previously it was considered one of the best, and (though it’s a bit risky to throw the phrase around), perhaps even “OPed”. So until anything from the big guy himself comes out about this, I’ll give a tentative +1 to the whole affair. Fair’s fair, after all – it’s not as if most of us wouldn’t love to have Charisma working for us, myself being no exception.

MOD EDIT – Player warned for off-topic post

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