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News LOLCODE, cause C++ is for pussies

Gabriel West

Avatar: Sad Face

Level 23 Emo Kid

“Bleeding Heart”

Greetings there fellow forumers!

I am professor dr. Gabriel West Log in to see images!

UnfortunatelyLog in to see images! as my brighter arab students call it, hehe..).

Actually, most of them can’t even spell Mbumachusetts right…Log in to see images!

Anyway, after 1 semester in which I taught them proper grammar and how to use “Word” (time in which I became an emo myselfLog in to see images!

But let’s get to the point of the thread, shall we?

There was no way I could teach them to code in Java, C, hell not even in that Pascal ****, or ancient Fortran, so I decided to take a new and unprecedented approach. LOLCODE, the latest programming language: , guaranteed to turn any re-re into a master hacker. Well, at least into a lolhacker. It worked like a charm.Log in to see images!

So, I was thinking of sending a letter to the American Department of Education, to report my findings… but I want to ask for this forum’s expert’s opinions before I present my discoveries to the world.

What do you think?Log in to see images! Gabriel West edited this message on 02/19/2009 2:49PM


Avatar: Donkey

[The temple of MicR-

Level 69 Permanoob

an god LOL

Thread carefully

Join now!

BBCode, cause LOLCODE is for titties.

hi im odl to the intwerwebs lolololol


Avatar: Code (Blue)

Level 29 Hacker



Lag the **** out


Avatar: 83756 2009-10-01 09:57:31 -0400

[Phantasmagoric Spl-

Level 69 Hacker

Making laws and snuggling dark matter.

get the **** OUT

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Avatar: 99640 Sun Feb 15 14:49:01 -0500 2009

Level 32 Hacker

“01001000 01000001 01011000”

That’s… weird… and quite original…and messed up

Who da fuk krs?!


Avatar: 77864 Thu Jun 04 08:28:46 -0400 2009

Level 56 Hacker

“Logic Bomber”

LOLCODE is for pussies.

Malbolge for the win.

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Avatar: 14557 2011-10-31 11:07:55 -0400


Level 69 Troll

:ronpaul: :****ing sucks:





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Log in to see images!

Log in to see images!

Log in to see images!

Log in to see images!

Log in to see images!

Log in to see images!

 Buying a lot of zomg im so fat.xpeg – 500 each 

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Johnny Mac

Avatar: 37704 2015-08-12 18:57:31 -0400

[Full of SbumSS]

Level 35 Troll

I grant you an bumhole x

Lmao, brilliant.

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