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Avatar: 14557 2011-10-31 11:07:55 -0400


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BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:

I do like it, but I’m weary of coding time needed to make this a reality. The logistics are a little bit of a nightmare and I could see this being exploited if we allow you to choose what bracket you go to. You could choose an inactive bracket (where you have an alt or not)... So yeah, thoughts? Must avoid exploit opportunities Log in to see images!

I don’t think allowing players to choose bracket is a good idea. Everyone will try picking the easiest bracket, and it’ll be hard to maintain the balance.


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Unless vendetta’s are discouraged you could have specific brackets to choose from. Only within your medal level of course.


Avatar: 46971 Thu Oct 16 00:30:33 -0400 2008

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Hold on a second here. I think you are making a false bumumption when you say that players want multiple alts in a bracket for competitive advantage. I want multiple alts to counter the enormous advantage of Klan raiders. For example, this week I ended up with 6 alts all in one bracket where nobody was Klan raiding so I played one alt and rested all the others. The idea that you are going to address the alt problem without addressing Klan vanilla is something I am totally against.

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