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On the Internet, you can be whoever you want! Basic role-playing ITF.

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FAQ Hey when you guys say CS do you mean celerysteve or cheins sanchez? Latest Post Inertia 3 177 Skyman747
FAQ HEY GENHAXOR Latest Post Fort Naruto 2 211 Fie
FAQ Celerysteve needs validation so much he begged everyone in IDC to list reasons why he was better than them Latest Post UnstoppableChan 14 373 Xylon
FAQ fox news thread Latest Post Tesfan 13 281 Sancdar
FAQ tubs ( 1 2 ) Latest Post MC Banhammer 23 479 Fortunato
FAQ Why I don't like any of you ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Celerysteve 22 513 Fingerz
FAQ just saw a baby bird fly for teh first time Latest Post iIRZ 19 399 o0-M00N_KriK37-0...
FAQ The Newest Bandwagons People Are Jumping On ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post The Unknown Comi... 43 1272 ChilePepino
FAQ will any body take me seriously? Latest Post The nerd o powa 8 227 BloodyDemise
FAQ :ronpaul: :3 Latest Post Shii 8 201 Tesfan
FAQ Comparing bumes (Huge male reproductive organs) Latest Post bloOdy_tEars 12 761 Nailbomb
FAQ Sticky: ATTN People of the Jewish Faith ( 1 2 ) Latest Post naUgHti sChwARze... 22 662 Skyman747
FAQ What I would do everyday if I was Nicco Latest Post Celerysteve 6 214 Celerysteve
FAQ 3 suggestions for falcon Latest Post Celerysteve 4 166 DerKaiserReich
FAQ Do anybody think that there will be a wiki version of forum pwning called wikibusing? Latest Post The nerd o powa 6 208 DerKaiserReich
FAQ Reference post for which emoticons you should be adblocking. Latest Post Fran 14 264 Fran
FAQ Dear Crotchzombies, mind if I advertise forumwarz on my myspace page for you (I must be paid in BP)? From The nerd o powa PS i am seious about this offer. Latest Post The nerd o powa 8 322 Advocacy Canine
FAQ HOW TO PLAY BUILER Latest Post Generic Racist 1 123 Generic Racist
FAQ Requiring bumistance from Flamebate Latest Post Fran 3 117 Fingerz
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