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Whiny Bitches

Our free-for-all forum. Complain about the game all you want here!

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Feature Will Word war 3 start in 1-2 months? Iran might be nuking them soon Latest Post Tamagotchi****er... 4 186 Fingerz
Feature Evil-Semen trying to be smart with calculators? Latest Post spf357 2 43 Evil-Seaman
Feature And now our Latest Post superannonon 1 16 superannonon
Feature New statistic about spf Latest Post spf357 1 30 spf357
Feature NOW PANIC AND FREAK OUT! Latest Post spf357 7 110 Celerysteve
Feature Promo video Latest Post spf357 6 78 spf357
Feature Unban Inspector Chelmey!!! Latest Post The nerd o powa 20 310 Bacchus
Feature Can you please unban The nerd o powa? Thank you in advance. Latest Post 6890 12 148 fembot_
Feature Unban The nerd o powa!!! ( 1 2 ) Latest Post SIG-ENABLING-MOC... 28 322 PoopShoot1102
Feature UnBan the Inspector!!! Latest Post The nerd o powa 2 47 Bacchus
Feature My avatar is still bad!!! Latest Post The nerd o powa 4 80 Czarnian Assassi...
Feature Post here if you think my avatar and custom title suck and/or you want to change it!!! Latest Post The nerd o powa 6 103 wtfmcnuggets
Feature I WANT IT BACK ( 1 2 ) Latest Post The nerd o powa 22 273 Fort Naruto
Feature I am sorry for what happend in tiny chat Latest Post The nerd o powa 8 129 The nerd o powa
Feature The nerd o powa's unban speech (Unintelligenced version, level: incomprehensible ) Latest Post The nerd o powa 14 177 King Krimson
Feature Episode 4 Latest Post FishFood 18 230 Cheins Sanchez
Feature Possibly a klan trading system? Latest Post Chuck Diesel 7 238 Patently Chill P...
Feature I am a veteran player and I speak for The Jagged Rock Fondler Latest Post Fortunato 5 124 twas
Feature E-Peen Suggestion for generating the most bumhurt among 70 Character INCIT fabulous persons ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post DEAD fabulous person 43 1009 Robok
Feature Unfair D= Latest Post Izanagi_No_Okami... 8 154 Zagreus
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