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Here’s where we can talk about current events, politics and determine once and for all which is the one TRUE faith.

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tl;dr STICKY: Discussion Thread Discussion Thread ( 1 2 ) Latest Post sdgrbbum09 21 1911 sdgrbass09
FAQ STICKY: Forum README Latest Post Nicco 2 1632
E-Peen(tm) very serious topic need mod help Latest Post bobdisgea 17 636 Doug Stanhope
Gay World AIDS Day Latest Post sdgrbbum09 3 646 Johnny Mac
Animu Why? Latest Post Skyman747 12 1085 CrinkzPipe
Shock Israeli starts world war 3 with Syria Latest Post Tamagotchi****er... 5 934 Spot
Politics So there's this election thing happening in the US today Latest Post OrsonScottCard 5 906 Skyman747
Wheels i used to be so funny holy **** Latest Post Johnny Mac 9 1034 johnalds illegal...
Boobs Hey Inconnu ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post chammisan 48 3492 Ingenue
Politics Increase in Activity in North Korea test site Latest Post Tamagotchi****er... 1 1298 TamagotchiFucker...
Hell Remember Vimy Ridge? Latest Post Redfoot 1 1001 Redfoot
Art incit Latest Post Enjoy Coke 10 1467 Bacchus
Srs Bsns I grow weary of such tiredsome threads Latest Post Celerysteve from... 18 1462 Bacchus
Srs Bsns Flezz galore Latest Post Dr Jerome Hunsak... 3 1393 Bacchus
News What's going on in Canada then... Latest Post Dr Lloyd Berkner... 7 1340 Dr Lloyd Berkner...
Sup Forumwarz is really bad and ET and JB have sex with each other Latest Post sdgrbbum09 2 1063 7
News SOPA is a False Flag that allows Facists to Control the Internet ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Celerysteve 21 2389 sdgrbass09
Gay CAN I HAVE YOUR ADDRESS? Latest Post your-worst-night... 13 1300 Kangaroo
Macho bonerrobin.jpg Latest Post Indiana Jonas 7 1437 Bacchus
Sup Wheres AHHZ? Latest Post iDavid 14 1266 iDavid
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