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Where Da Entertainmentz At?

Here’s the place to talk about TV, movies, music…shit like that.

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
Macho I would like you all to know Latest Post Dirty Birdy 1 796 Dirty Birdy
Macho Ubisoft is further crippling their customers Latest Post Nicco 14 1400 AvengerousBird
Macho Vince Offer is back Latest Post Nicco 3 645 Bear
Macho EDWARD MURPHY MUSIC GENIUS Latest Post Charlie Sheen 12 633 Bacchus
Macho echo bazaar Latest Post Patently Chill P... 9 1169 Joseph of Suburb...
Macho Contemplations on various properties of octaval sound producing implements Latest Post Adapt 5 442 sdgrbass09
Macho Duke Nukem Forever is coming May 3rd Latest Post Nicco 9 615 Patently Chill P...
Macho Gene Simmons is going to hunt you down and bum-enjoy you. Latest Post King Krimson 10 573 TUBSWEETIE
Macho omfg ban this guy for shock Latest Post Indiana Jonas 1 440 Indiana Jonas
Macho By the way this is the greatest song ever recorded Latest Post Indiana Jonas 16 759 Melanin-Enhanced...
Macho Jackie Earle Haley is the only good thing about the new show Human Target Latest Post CoreyJess 6 518 CoreyJess
Macho ODA HAVE YOU HEARD THIS SONG?? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Indiana Jonas 34 1325 Chawin
Macho Gothic country anyone? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Patently Chill P... 21 1085 Patently Chill P...
Macho Merry Christmas Forumwarz! Latest Post Indiana Jonas 1 473 Indiana Jonas
Macho A man replaces all the sounds in HL2 with his own voice. Latest Post CrinkzPipe 9 622 TUBSWEETIE
Macho The Sega Dreamcast is celebrating it's tenth birthday today ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Nicco 24 1186 Cheins Sanchez
Macho Patrick Swayze Died Latest Post Celerysteve 16 826 Blu3Schnauzer
Macho 500 impressions in 2 minutes Latest Post CrinkzPipe 2 481 Fran
Macho MJ's exclusive song Latest Post Nicco 4 583 Inertia
Macho Bruno Latest Post Bill_Murray_Fan_... 17 1986 kittiejenn
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