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Episode 2 Discussion

Use this forum to discuss Episode 2 content.

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
Rant For The Ultra Mega-Hardcore.. ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Langston Jones 25 930 Langston Jones
Web Games game question Latest Post Damion 7 287 Damion
Writing Progress on . . . Latest Post Catt although 7 285 King Krimson
Ugly O'RLY? Latest Post 200KillerWasps 6 251 CrinkzPipe
Business So I finished the ... (not EP2) and didn't got E-Peen [SPOILER WARNING] Latest Post Fran 14 434 Orb
Gay holy **** i like forumwarz again praise allah whoever helped in creting the trident forum should get eternal happiness Latest Post nanalatinojesus ... 12 398 bulldyke
FAQ Why not be able to unlock..Spoilers in this thread. Latest Post CrinkzPipe 3 264 CrinkzPipe
Possible Bug? Latest Post I AM The SKA BOS... 3 177 I AM The SKA BOS...
Macho Biff Weasley? Latest Post momentumenergy 5 266 Big Brother
Feature First non cheater to beat the game? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post DEAD fabulous person 23 656 Cat Sidhe Nekoko...
Business Can one... Latest Post Lord Shplane 4 175 MC Banhammer
Feature No "endgame" forum? (But I can make one) Latest Post Else 2 224 MC Banhammer
possible bug Latest Post Damion 2 201 Wylin
Information Regarding Permanoob Maybe Spoiler. I dont know, but I dont think so. Latest Post twas 5 232 TJF588
FAQ Hear 'em roar. A++++ grinding place Latest Post CrinkzPipe 7 413 quangntenemy
Writing An IDC cinematic script error or deliberate thing? Latest Post TUBSWEETIE 5 300 quangntenemy
Bug - 3 Forumbuilder Bug Latest Post Langston Jones 3 209 Langston Jones
Bug - 3 Condition: 124% - Excellent? Latest Post quangntenemy 9 421 quangntenemy
WHAT IS SYNTHOL? Latest Post Bauzer 4 302 Bauzer
Animu courtroom part Latest Post isawatsuke 3 232 Aldo_Anything
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