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The ****

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Log in to see images!Ego +20
  • Douchebaggery +25
  • For 4 turns: Offense +5
  • Who knows what THE_**** threw into this, but it’s bound to be good for you with absolutely no consequences whatsoever.

    Episode 2

    THE_**** has undergone a dramatic change. While working out at the gym he accidentally dropped a 250-pound barbell on his forehead, more or less crushing his skull. He has managed to recover over time, but either the mbumive blow to the head (no homo) or the subsequent time in therapy has greatly affected his outlook on life. He has quit taking steroids (though he will still sell them), and no longer gets angry when asked questions. However he does get irrationally angry when given a general statement (i.e., anything that isn't a question). Whether this is a result of the head wound, withdrawal from the steroids, or a recurring neurosis is unclear, but THE_**** freely acknowledges that it makes no sense.

    Along with his new lease on life, THE_**** has left his career as a personal trainer and now seeks to motivate people 'spiritually', rather than physically. Through his new company, “THE_****’S **** DISTURBERS (BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE_****)", he sells motivational posters to inspire kids. THE_**** asks for your help in making new posters for him, and to this end creates INCIT, (an acronym for INspirational Creative Input Tool).

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