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How Attributes Work


Your Offense level modifies how much damage you do with any single attack. When you attack a forum, the program generates a random number based on the range of the attack. For example, if you Flirt, it will come up with a number between 6 and 10. This is what we call "base Damage". After that number is generated, it will be supplemented by a bonus. 13 Offense points give a 100% bonus, while the first Offense point does nothing. Formula:

Damage = Base Damage * (1+(Offense-1)/13)

The result is rounded normally; you don't deal fractional damage. Example: A player with 27 Offense uses Ophelia's Bad Poetry, which has Base Damage = 100. The 26 Offense points above the original 1 give a 200% bonus and damage will be exactly 300.

Note that there is a damage penalty for taking on higher level forums.


Defense lowers the damage that forums deal, and also raises the chance forums miss altogether. The exact mechanics are unknown.


Upkeep is all about keeping your items less damaged. Whenever you are successfully attacked, your items take damage to their condition. How much damage they take is determined by two things. First is the Quality of the item. Higher Quality items take less damage each hit; but don’t bumume that more expensive items are necessarily of higher Quality than cheaper ones.

The second factor that determines damage is your Upkeep stat. For every level of Upkeep you have (including the first that you start with), your items will take 5% less damage than they would otherwise. At Level 6, then, your items only take 70% of their normal damage.

Bruce Bear will charge roughly 20% of list price (see Frugality below for an explanation of that) to fully repair an item. Even though you can only see damage as an integer, Bruce Bear will charge based on the damage percentage including fractions, so prices may seem to fluctuate by a flezz or two.


Frugality is all about paying less for items you buy and getting more for items you pawn. Each level of Frugality – again, including the first that you start with – knocks .65% off of the base price of any item in a store. At the maximum of level 53 Frugality, you would receive a 35% discount. Buying things at the Ppwn Shoppe is an exception – Frugality doesn’t affect the buy price.

When you sell items at the Ppwn Shoppe, each item is sold for 45% of its base price with ~.97% added for each level of Frugality you have. So someone with Frugality Level 6 will make roughly 8% more from selling the same Junk to a Ppwn Shoppe than someone with Frugality Level 1. Also, current condition does not matter when pawning – a damaged item sells for the same amount as a fully repaired item.

Charisma and Luck:

According to Evil Trout, the items you receive are based on the amount of Cred received in the previous day; exactly which forums were hit (or even finished) in order to receive that Cred doesn’t matter. Charisma and Luck both modify this, but we haven’t figured out the exact figures yet. One likely controls amount of junk delivered and the other its value. More on that to come.

Also, while there have been rumors that Luck affects how well you do at Gamblebot, the devs have stated that gambling is completely unaffected by Luck. We’ve also found that Luck has no direct effect on damage done, damage taken, or chance of being missed. Luck does play a part in how many jobs are available at Herschel Jewstein’s Kosher Crazy Careers; the higher your luck, the more jobs available.

So, luck seems to only affect deliveries, .moar files, and jobs.

Luck and .moar Files

Each forum has an predetermined inventory of .moar files each with a set drop percentage. Increasing or decreasing has a direct effect on the drop percentages. Here is an example.

Available .moar files % Drop Luck +20

  • JDahmer Grocery List MUST SEE.sdoc
  • Setting up Your Webcam, Part 3 of 5.pres
  • lots n lots of badgers.leer



As you can see increasing luck will increase the odds on a .moar file that had a low drop percentage, while at the same time decreasing the drop percentage on a file that was more common. However, this only reflects the odds of getting a certain item, not a specific piece of that item. It's not clear yet if Luck has any influence on the rarity of specific pieces.

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