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Frugality is all about paying less for items you buy and getting more for items you pawn. Each level of Frugality – including the first that you start with – knocks .65% off of the base price of any item in a store. Buying things at the Ppwn Shoppe is an exception – Frugality doesn’t affect the buy price. Frugality also doesn't affect the purchase price of Surgeries, and items not bought from a store (ie. Steroids, NetTranny).

Selling Junk

When selling Junk items, their Base Sale Price is marked up by 3.5% for each Frugality point you have. Currently, no bonus is added beyond lvl 10 for Junk sales, and the maximum bonus to sale price stops at 33% (and not 33.33%).
Example: A Venus statue would sell for Log in to see images! BS*(1+Fr*0.035), where BS=Base sale price, and Fr=Frugality stat

Buying Equipment/Consumables

When buying from a store, an item's Base Buy Price is marked down by 0.65% for each Frugality point you have. The maximum discount of 33% is achieved at level 50 Frugality (a value of 51 Frugality including the free original point). Further levels of Frugality after this have no effect on purchasing items.
Example: A Nautical Star in Sparrow Tattoo would cost you Log in to see images! BB*(1-Fr*0.0065), where BB=Base buy price, and Fr=Frugality stat

Reselling Equipment (may be out of date)

When you resell items at the Ppwn Shoppe, each item is sold for 40% of its base price with 1.6% added for each level of Frugality you have. Also, current condition does not matter when pawning – a damaged item sells for the same amount as a fully repaired item.

At level 10 Frugality, you can pawn items for 56% of their base price. Further levels of Frugality after this have no effect on the amount of money you receive at the Ppwn Shoppe.

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