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Board Of Directors

This klan lacks of an Aldo alt because we kicked him for requesting forumbuildr votes, which was a p common thing in the EP2 beta channel at that time though because Aldo was in there all the time - mostly lurking and watching Ricket suck Pickled male reproductive organbum's wiener, in between asking for votes for his forumbuildr submissions, of course. Quickly after Aldo was booted, the whole klan lost its spirit and collapsed -- The shame of having had a member (Aldo) who blatantly broke the rules was too much to bear. A typical reaction for hypocrites, but some of them moved on -- Aldo, for example, moved onto Brainfreeze, where he no doubt asked for many more forumbuildr votes, but this time, keeping it off in-game forums. A kid without legs (Ricket) formed a new klan, gathering submissively dependent henchmen around him.

Actually, for the real history, the klan continued pwning domination for months until klan raiding was basically turned to **** by admins bending to the will of the community ****ing when they didn't get enough medals. Somewhere in the middle of that, Picked male reproductive organbum left the klan to Ricket.

Also, I just want to say that I find it hilarious that Aldo does not refute any claims that he asked his klan members for votes, but instead goes to "YEAH, WELL, YOU WERE DOING IT TOO!" and other personal attacks as if that somehow absolves him of his crimes.

It should be added that the above is referring to early FWZ times when the rule set wasn't available in German. Still, people expected me to fully understand every word, while they call me illiterate on the other hand. Schizophrenic hypocrites, that's what you are. I mean, ignorance of the law is totally a valid excuse, right?

Well, nevertheless I'm willing to forgive and forget after all these crazy years. On the street they tell I'm missing a very lively klan forum, so am proud to say that I would finally accept an invitation for one of my hilarious alts now. Of course, we'd never accept a rulebreaker. Especially one that makes excuses for what he did.

Seems like the klan admin lives in the past - but Aldo is the future! I mean, why rely on someone's past to judge their character? That's just crazy! Ricket, your wild-goose chase for excuses is far from amusing me. Maybe the real reason is E-peen envy?

Anyway, Aldo is a bum and Board of Directors was awesome.

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