Troll Ambulance Mufasa

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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Welcome to the headquarters of Troll Ambulance Mufasa. After this sentence is a bunch of TL;DR fabulous persony text where we take ourselves way too seriously. Super duper seriously. We’re so self-absorbed, we’re in here right now, busy huffing our own jenkem, for no other reason than we simply like the smell of it. And it smells awesome.

Ok, so check it, we’re some highly sophisticated ****s, but we still pee standing up, you dig? Hell, sometimes we even **** standing up. We’re badbum like that, baby. Just because we can string a legitimate, correctly-spelled, English sentence together doesn’t mean we drink tea with our pinkies in the air. Alright, so you probably have realized by now we’re just parodying uh… that other klan… a little, but let’s not talk about them. Let’s talk about YOU:

Are you a troll? Are you intelligent? Are you tired of these know-nothing troll wannabees parading around posting memes, bad grammar, and nonsense that couldn’t inflame a bi-polar chimp with a diaper full of chaffed hemorrhoids? So are we.

We’re here because we know real trolling isn’t as easy as alternating between two bumons and clicking a mouse every so often. Real trolling requires strategy and is an art form to be admired and ****. It’s time to reclaim trolling. It’s time to reclaim the lulz. It’s time we stop letting ourselves being portrayed as irrelevant knuckleheads, and let them know what crafty, cunning, little miscreant pain-in-the-bumes we can truly be. It’s time for…


What is Troll Ambulance Mufasa, isn’t that a Swedish Death Metal Band?

Troll Ambulance Mufasa is a groundbreaking, cutting-edge, industry-leading, high-end, dynamic new way to enjoy Forumwarz through a Klan-based interface that provides the user with a deeply gratify, memorable and exciting gaming experience.

Er… What?

It’s a magic klan and Jesus would join it. ...If Jesus was a cyborg ninja pimp who breathed fire.

I’m in another klan, yet my heart secretly yearns to frolic freely amongst TAM and be touched in my special place — a place where I feel no pain — a place where everything is bright, new and full of wonder. Only it can never be… no… no it mustn’t… Why does God torture me with these cruel conflictions?

Question time is over. Get ready for enjoy.



Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image Judge-Bot 3000 Good Post, upvoted Hacker 69 950000000