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Tormenting Evil Knuckles of Satan

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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Your first reaction of us here at TEKS must be that of: ‘Wow, these people seem tormenting… evil almost.’ Well in part you’re right. However we are nothing too special. Minimum goals, a klan created by the wonderful d4 with the sole purpose of never being invited to demeaning, boring klans.

Join us on our quest to victory!

The Tormenting Evil Knuckles of Satan welcome almost anyone. Feel free to join however, we try and take things a bit more serious here.


Tubmail a knuckle for an invite.

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Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image Azoth Troll 34 80750190
Image Bionic Taffy Emo Kid 65 867844061
Image bob the magical ... TheBestMagicalStorkThatHasEverHappenedToTheUngratefuld4.PlusHesAMother. Emo Kid 20 1429781
Image brim-stone bran Troll 30 28162830
Image ChapaczNorek Troll 29 21388773
Image Crocen Camwhore 35 100084832
Image d4 Knuckle of Administration Troll 37 172666914
Image Daisy_Cutie Camwhore 22 2633595
Image DOkTOr-McsTaggER... Hacker 23 2856015
Image Donk Malone Troll 35 113615288
Image Driandriana Camwhore 36 126996850
Image Durroth Hacker 47 416905010
Image Emilie Diabolica... Emo Kid 9 54705
Image Ethelfritha Troll 35 104516206
Image EvilZone Hacker 26 6965406
Image Gwynbleidd Camwhore 69 950000000
Image Hoox Emo Kid 31 40286700
Image Horu Hacker 35 100136003
Image JohnnySniper Magical Storkz Hacker 15 341035
Image KnuckleFlux Hacker 35 100000000
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