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The Desu Knights

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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We are the Desu Knights,

There is no emotion, there is desu.

There is no ignorance, there is desu.

There is no pbumion, there is desu.

There is no chaos, there is desu.

There is no death, there is the Desu.

The ForumWarz extension of the Steam group.

More info to come when the admin isn’t so ****ing lazy.

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Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image --forgotten_soul... :'( Emo Kid 15 318781
Image -Flash Gitz- male reproductive organSHOT! Troll 10 77407
Image Angelbaka Douchefabulous person Hacker 5 7104
Image beatrixkiddo Troll 32 51391755
Image Disshouldbemeheh... Camwhore 10 77996
Image O ok 83 a silly coat Permanoob 10 60521
Image Samael Incubus Desufabulous person Emo Kid 10 63036
Image Windows 2000 Pro... Evil Overlord Hacker 14 237426
Image x0x0Daddys_Littl... <333 Camwhore 12 101469
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