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This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

This is a KLAN for members of the rich and rewarding online community known as

I’d be happy to die and come back as a fat guy on Spanish television – Trigger

Now considered a cult by the Pope – mckeegan

Where cartoon characters go to let their hair down – TheMadBard

Helping mankind to find porn since 1967 – Anon

Silly Erection lacked irony – ukdollars

Because we’re all pornographers at heart, and groin – Chop-Logik

What do you want from a thinking male reproductive organ? – TheMadBard

Its an acronym – Rude Boy

Smile! You’re on the Internet! – Chop-Logik

Onanism at it’s best – rosary

Intellectual pornography for the uninhibited – matt

blisters are like handgasms that bring you pleasure & lubricant – Chop-Logik

Every time you kill a kitten, god masturbates – psychotim

For those who’ve seen it all – Amul Muzz

We came for porn, we stayed for pr0n – v21

We are sexy ****es – Robyn

For Man cannot live on porn alone – Amul Muzz

It’s not about the porn, it’s about the people – TheMadBard

Please email all complaints to – Amul Muzz


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image 86 Camwhore 4 3095
Image BlacqueSad Camwhore 7 10875
Image bum Troll 10 334607
Image douchebarge Troll 10 258876
Image Dr Motives Camwhore 5 4156
Image Fedhax Emo Kid 10 70539
Image Gomp Camwhore 10 129062
Image killerconscience... head whore Camwhore 12 134443
Image KingTubby Troll 10 129692
Image knuCk13rUckus DevilKaraberu Worshipper! Troll 10 97174
Image MadPride The woman's genitals Dentata Troll 6 6965
Image MaxDamage78 Administrator Troll 3 672
Image murderwork Troll 4 949
Image MWoody Emo Kid 6 6861
Image ohbahsan Troll 4 2029
Image Sanji Troll 33 58313459
Image Sir Dead Dude Troll 10 170389
Image Stephanos Nozzle of yon douches Troll 10 98810
Image taeyn part-time whore Troll 10 70009
Image Theolypse Emo Kid 10 82484