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Welcome to ForumWarz’ most fanatic Boxxy stalker hangout.

History of Boxxy

Boxxy is a Jewtube user and /b/tard who suspectedly posted her first video in one of the first week of 2009 on Jewtube.

Which real name by the way is “Adriana bumerfield” offcourse not slightly as cool as boxxy so lets just call her.. boxxy

Boxxy old or not?

ED claims that her videos are over a year old, though that could be true it is also certain that a new video was released on the 10th of January 2009. Boxxy spelled out the name of her Jewtube account which was made on the 9th. in addition she also adressed a centain user called gastricpenguin, or to be more precise a video made by him. That video was released that same day.

How did Boxxy became what she is?

Boxxy became an internet phenomenon within only a day. She first made her appearance on 7chan. When 4chan went down for maintenance, /b/tards rushed to 4chan and saw the threads of Boxxy, a legend and a queen was born.

But like that all wasn’t enough, /b/tards rightfully went completely nuts over her. Boxxy related threads were popping up everywhere. Other members did not enjoy Boxxy as much, a civil was started. /b/ was split apart.

That night operation Valkyrie was born. It first started as a simple plan to Ddos bomb 4chan’s server. And as things went 4chan went down, boxxy became an hero. This is where true history was written.

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After being down for quite sometime 4chan went backup. 4chan became a dark place. Word filters were used. And only if the name Boxxy fell a ban would fall. Many were banned, but even that could not withhold the power of love for Boxxy, many /b/tards were willing to get banned for her. Still until this day every page of /b/ contains Boxxy. She cannot be stopped.

All hail for the queen, sieg heil!

About us:

We are a klan to maintain this legency, it cannot be put to harm. We love Boxxy and dedicate our life to Boxxy. If you want in mail Blapples or SplodeyDopy

This faction is something for you if:

* You would give you life for Boxxy.

* You think Boxxy is worth AIDS and all the other STDs imagenable.

* You think Boxxy is both better than Pirates, Dragons and Ninjas.

* You are not afraid of masturbating with stolen objects.

* You visit http://www.youtube.com/user/boxxybabee more than 5 times every day.

Why the forumwarz clbumes love boxxy!

Hackers She is ****able and is the only girl around capable of putting a vid on youboob.

Re Res/Permanoobs She is ****able and already has posted numerous nude pics of herself on forums, re re that..

CamwhoresShe is exactly like you only she did it in a succesful way.. adore her she is your god.

Emo Kids Her hair is like emo Log in to see images! and so is her tattoo (located 3 inch above iwoman's genitals)

trolls Since the moment she became a meme, boxxy love forums rise everywere. Show them some hate!

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Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image Blapples Boxxy's bangbro Troll 4 4441
Image Boxxyluva sucked her male reproductive organ Emo Kid 13 164089
Image DreamBinder Skaterboy <3 Boxxy Troll 10 65501
Image SplodeyDopy Boxxy's biggest fan! i fapped to her pictures twice.. today Emo Kid 34 77458462
Image The-Names-Plissk... Killed a bad bad boxxy hater Troll 14 245484