Q: I won an auction. Where's my item?

If you met the reserve price and were the highest bidder, you should receive your item shortly via Tubmail. If you were not, BidSquid should have refunded your flezz.

It might not be clear by looking at the closed auction if you did not meet the reserve price. Check your SpendFriend logs under Bookmarks > Services > SpendFriend on the day that the auction closed to see if he sent your money back. (It appears on your news feed on your character page, but sometimes it’s easy to miss!)

Additionally, it can take up to 10 minutes following the closing of an auction for your item to be delivered.

Note: If you have Forumwarz Orange, your auction tubmails will be in a separate “Auctions” folder. You can find the link to this folder in your tubmail header between Inbox and Sent.